Virtual Strengths Discovery Workshop
Be a more successful employee, team member, manager, leader, entrepreneur, business partner, by discovering and amplifying the impact of your unique Talents and Strengths


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Amplify your strengths, manage your weaknesses, boost your performance,
strive and thrive in your career

Why your strengths?

We can only outperform and reach our full potential by tapping into our inner talents and strengths

“Be yourself. The world worships the original.” ― Jean Cocteau

About us

Who are we?

- Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the International Coach Federation (ICF)
- Gallup Certified Strengths Coach since 2014
- Over 3,500 hours of executive and team coaching

We are a group of passionate senior executive coaches and their team with the mission to support anyone ready to invest in herself or himself to build and unfold the full potential career(s) she/he deserves.

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What do we do?

Open Enrollment, Corporate and Intact Team, and Individual:
- Strengths Discovery Workshops
- Strengths Mastery Workshops
- Career Acceleration Workshops
- Career Peer-Learning Support Group
- Executive Coaching
- Career Coaching
- Team Coaching
- Organizational Coaching

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In Module 1, You will learn to:

Fully appreciate and leverage your own strengths

Find the right professional environment that will back you to be at your best

Initiate a positive strengths-based approach in your conversations with others

Virtual Workshop Facilitated by a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach
in group of maximum 12 participants for 3 hours (extended to 4 hours above 6 participants).
Workshop available in English and French

More than 500 CliftonStrengths Talent Assessment Profiles debriefed



CliftonStrengths online Talent Assessment

+ 4h workshop

Contact us for discount for 2 or more participants

Investment: USD 340


CliftonStrengths online Talent Assessment

+ 4h workshop with intact teams or pre-formed groups of up to 12 participants

Investment: Contact us

Other Services Available: Module 2 Strengths Mastery Workshop, One-to-one or Team coaching,
Mentoring with an executive headhunter, Resume editing and more to come...
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What our clients said about our workshops


“This is not another personality test. CliftonStrengths Assessment has been mind-blowing for me and revealed the strength which was always there and put words on it. Thanks to the experienced professionals who exchanged with me, I have now clear answered on how I can use these strength to achieve my true potential and with who I can achieve biggest challenge. I recommend 100%”


"This was a great workshop allowing me to discover my strengths, I was very surprised by some of them and discovering that when I'm using my strengths every thing is easier was a revelation for me. If you want to know where you should focus your effort to excel in your talents, you should follow this workshop."


The Strengths' Analysis workshop was tailored to our individual strengths, and connections between strengths was revealed, and conclusion for situations where these skills sets could be optimised were suggested. Therefore, it was a very satisfying workshop with a very experienced, kind, and insightful facilitator. I would recommend this training to people who are interested in how they can understand and use their strengths to improve themselves!


“The workshop will show you where you naturally excel, and where your weaknesses are when you apply your strength out of context. I felt that the workshop was very helpful. It highlighted a few pertinent points about my personality, and gave me greater insight into the direction that my life is taking.”


"The CliftonStrength Assessment workshop was a fantastic way of helping me discover my strengths in a positive, kind, non-jugemental environment. It was nice to be in a groupe of different individuals who shared their experience and it showed us all how unique everyone is. Now that I know my true strengths I will work on them to improve every aspect of my life!"


This workshop will give you valuable insights into your strengths and show you how you can leverage these strengths in a variety of areas. Highly recommend it!


I enjoyed everything about this workshop, every explanations were clear and easy to understand. Through this workshop, I could realise how unique everyone is. I’m going to use my strengths to improve teamwork and build more trusted relationships with my colleagues at work. I highly recommend it!

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